Paraview is a visualization software that is accelerated computing and distributed computing friendly. In today's age of big data generating the data is very much simple but the operations to be performed on these huge datasets is very time consuming and an Intel i9 is also not sufficient enough even if the operations are parallelized.

Not only does Paraview help visualize the in a 3D space but also uses accelerated computing, and yes it is compatible with GPUs other than NVidia as well.

Now, let us see how can we visualize a pyramid in Parview. Assume we have a data…

In today’s day and age where we are completely surrounded by data, it may be in the form video, text, images, tables, etc, we want to store this data somewhere in the form of files.

And while storing it we want to check if that particular file format doesn’t occupy a lot of my disk space for simple reasons:

  1. Have more resources left for other storage on disk.
  2. Transferring the file via any network would be faster if the file size is small.

Shabbir Bawaji

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